What is PHP? Framework and Tools

The PHP is designed in 1995. It is known as PHP; using an abbreviation of the term “personal home page”. It is a web development language that is used to create text based, dynamic web pages, and it is also the most popular server sided script language. It is specifically designed for web developers; however, it can be easily used as a programming language. The PHP framework can be used in almost all server units; PHP is available for free. It is simply a scripting language which is used to assist the development of a website. Many software based PHP tools are created to assist in the development of the site, such as viewers, designers, security encoding programs, debuggers, and many others.

Scripting Language
Designed to improve the development process while using the scripting language, PHP tools help with regular tasks, such as, debugging, encoding, and editing program code. These tools are present with the main aim of creating the development process as easy and as quick as possible. The thick code of standard PHP scripts can make it difficult for the developers to manually find errors in a short period of time. PHP tools have been introduced to streamline this issue alongside different operations connected with recognizing and altering the script.

Script Execution
When looking at PHP tools with regard to the common usage, a few applications are more ordinary than others. In common PHP, a debugger is one of the crucial applications used. A PHP debugger provides full access of the script execution to the web programmer. This specific tool allows web developer to smartly run code one line during a period to separate troublesome areas.

Encoding Tool
One of the most important concerns of developers is illegal code modifications and theft of a script; to deal with this threat, a PHP encoder can be employed. Why? Because an encoder is capable of changing the source code into specified PHP codes. This prevents illegal access to the code.

Visual PHP Tools
Visual PHP tools are likewise available as WYSIWYG tools and designer applications. The WYSIWYG stands for what you see is what you get, which are used to render the PHP code into a visual reflection of the script. While designer applications give a visual help to the search via hierarchical PHP structure. This helps a developer to see the future page during development.

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