Things You Need To Know About Ac Repair Today

But I feel that not everybody’s Tucson ac repair going to benefit from the information from this one but a lot more people will benefit from the information from like say a video just strictly on evacuation or recharging so I’m going to end this one here I hope this information was useful to you especially if you have one of these vehicles a number one thing.

That I want to impart a little bit of oil on the o-rings before you insert things don’t tighten things so tightly that you either deform the o-rings and actually cause a leak also if the system has been open for any length of time it’s been some time since the AC system function and you know there was a leak as large as there was in this one there’s going to be moisture.

In the system so you have to replace that receiver drier or in some cases it’s going to be called an accumulator it just depends on where it’s located its function is exactly the same on either system and it’s there to remove the moisture in the system and that’s why we’re going to evacuate everything out all the air out of here because that’s going to allow that moisture in that water to boil away in essence if we lower the atmosphere that the water.

In it’s going to have more of a tendency to boil and that’s pretty much what it does is it just quite literally boils off the the water that’s that’s in the system so you want to get as much moisture out as possible you want to make sure that you found all the leaks verify that you’ve made the repair by leaving it on a vacuum for a significant amount of time so I can be reasonably certain that I don’t have any leaks I hope that this information is going to be of use to you I am Eric the car guy you can always.

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