That Nobody Told You About Tucson Ac Repair.

How do I know Tucson ac repair well this one’s wobbling around this one’s not this is brand new so I know it’s good but if you look at the top of this you see how it’s kind of domed it’s puffy can you tell on camera look at the look at the top of this flat look at the top of this domed even the bottom you know it’s hard to tell but it is dome that’s why it’s spinning like that so when these.

go bad they you know small ones will just explode in leak in siding electronics these usually don’t explode but they’re going to get real puffy so if you see the top of your capacitor domed time to get a new one even if it works just order a new one and you’ll save yourself a lot of pain on a hot day so I have this one on hand just because one day the capacitor in this.

AC is most likely going to go out and I don’t want to wait for a repairman or an online order to come fix it you know when it’s really hot outside you just want it to work right now and so it’s these are cheap about bucks at the most and you just keep it in your basement or whatever just have one on hand so that’s why I got one so before you disconnect your old capacitor.

make sure you know which wires were plugged into what now there’s just three ports even though there’s several prongs on each port it doesn’t matter if it was this one or this one or this one kay this is one two and three that’s it there’s no difference between this one in this one all right but there is a big difference between this one this one and this one each one of these do totally different things so you can’t see it on the top of here because it’s super rusty but if you wipe the dust you’re going to see some writing let’s look at this one you can see it this one has one two three four prongs and you.

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