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What is PHP? Framework and Tools

The PHP is designed in 1995. It is known as PHP; using an abbreviation of the term “personal home page”. It is a web development language that is used to create text based, dynamic web pages, and it is also the most popular server sided script language. It is specifically designed for web developers; however, it can be easily used as a programming language. The PHP framework can be used in almost all server units; PHP is available for free. It is simply a scripting language which is used to assist the development of a website. Many software based PHP tools are created to assist in the development of the site, such as viewers, designers, security encoding programs, debuggers, and many others.

Scripting Language
Designed to improve the development process while using the scripting language, PHP tools help with regular tasks, such as, debugging, encoding, and editing program code. Continue reading What is PHP? Framework and Tools